April 16, 2021 1 min read

Do you have one of those kids that just can't sit still?  Hahaha...  I guess I just described every child 🤦

Have you considered using something to help them?  It's well known that fidgets can help by giving them something to play with.  But there are also some great products made specifically to help!  Cushions, bands and more!

Inflatable cushions can help a child be able to rock while sitting, and can provide sensory feedback with their textured surfaces.

Wedge cushions can help a child to sit straight, and improve their posture.

Bouncy bands give their feet something to do, allowing for fidgeting discreetly under a desk or table.

Take a look at our seating collection, then do some research or talk to us!  We will help you find the best option to try!


Stay Kind, Be Safe

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